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The student Teachers will be able to

Ø  Essential foundations and basic principles of education.

Ø  System, practices and the problems that accompanied the development of education in our country.

Ø  Nature and problems of secondary school children and ability to deal with them effectively.

Ø General functioning and organisation of secondary schools and thereby acquire the ability to contribute towards effective curricular and co-curricular learning programs in schools.

Ø  Discipline and pedagogy of School Subjects  

Ø Competencies for planning and execution of teaching-learning and other concomitant educational program to be carried out in secondary schools.

Ø  Content competency in two school subjects of specialization so as to enable themselves to select, organize and teach the subjects effectively.

Ø  Understanding, appreciation and skills in respect of special approaches, learning experiences, methods and tools etc., adopted in curriculum planning, teaching and evaluation of the subjects of their specialization.

Ø  Spirit of experimentation towards the teaching-learning process.

Ø  Sound & favorable attitude, ethics and a desire for continuous professional growth.

Ø  Awareness of the need for extension activities in the Community

 The achievement of the institution’s specific goals and objectives.

 The college ensures the achievement of specific goals and objectives through,

A.       Planning:

In the beginning of the academic year, the members of the teaching and non-teaching faculty evolve a plan of action seeking the co-operation and consultation of the management, alumni & parents. The periodic staff meetings and different committees of the college like students’ union, cultural activities committee, co-curricular activities committee, CTC committee, Sports committee, different clubs etc. continuously monitor the implementation of the plan of action.

 B.       Objective specific curricular and co-curricular activities. Curricular activities

The curriculum transaction in the classroom

·         Providing opportunity for learning in groups

·         Intra and Inter-disciplinary activities of subject association

·         Continuous evaluation system such as periodical tests, retests, assignments, practicums, project works.

C.       Co-curricular activities

·         Conducting town level and university level Sports and Cultural Competition (sports and cultural meet).

·         Arranging for and organizing community living camps, field visits, awareness programs.

·         Conducting ‘Yoga’ classes thus helping for individual growth.

·         Activities of science clubs.

·         Periodic Evaluation.

D.       Follow - up programs & Redesigning :

An informal discussion is held at the end of each academic year, about the strengths and deficiencies of the institution in achieving the goals and objectives. Attempts are made to overcome the drawbacks and the course of action is redesigned, in the light of the decisions and common consensus arrived during the discussion period. Records such as marks cards, % of results, ranks secured by our students, jobs sought by alumni etc., highlight the extent of achievement of goals and objectives.